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Young nine year old journalist blasts her critics for breaking a homicide story


She is only nine years old but is already a famous journalist and publisher. Her name is Hilde Kate Lysiak and she hails from Orange Street in the Pennsylvania town of Selinsgrove. Oh, and she is the publisher of the Orange Street News which also has a YouTube channel. She has been running the newspaper since she was seven years old. By the time she reached eight years old, she was already tracking down crime, attending town council meetings, and establishing sources. This past Saturday, Hilde received a confidential tip from one of her sources that there was some heavy action going down over on Ninth Street.

So, as any seasoned journalist would do, Hilde grabbed her pen, notebook and camera and raced over to Ninth Street. She managed to get the details of a murder scene and investigation and quickly made a post online completely scooping all of the competition. After posting, she headed back out into the streets to grab interviews with neighbors, law enforcement and with anyone that may have known anything about the homicide.

Once she had what she needed, she hustled back to her house and ran a full length story online with the blistering headline of “Exclusive: Murder on Ninth Street!”. Not only did her story appear even before the local daily ran with it, but she had the innate ability and skill to record a video from the murder scene, get it up online, and assure her many readers that she was hot on the trail of this story and that more was sure to come.

Of course, as it tends to be with highly remarkable people, especially if they are quite young, Hilde was met with a hurricane of criticism from all parts of town including the former mayor as Facebook simply lit up at what many viewed as Hilde’s audacity. Her father is an author and a former reporter at The New York Daily News who would take her around the newsroom and who helped her put the newspaper together at the very beginning.



The former mayor of the town proclaimed, “I am disgusted that this cute little girl thinks she’s a real journalist. Whatever happened to tea parties?”

Another anonymous Facebook comment read, “9 year old girls should be playing with dolls, not trying to be reporters.”

Hilde, not to be intimidated, gathered up the comments and took to YouTube where she read them all aloud. After she finished reading the comments that had poured into her, she looked up at the camera and made her final statement.

“I know this makes some of you uncomfortable.” she began, “and I know some of you just want me to sit down and be quite because I am 9. But if you want me to stop offering news, then you get off your computer and do something about the news. There. Is that cute enough for you?”

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PHOTO SOURCE: Hilde with newspaper by Matthew Lysiak