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Research finds 1 out of 8 people moved because their house was haunted


BY KEVIN SAWYER – Recent research done by one of England’s major insurance companies found some rather shocking results about how people feel about ghosts and supernatural happenings. While the research was limited to studying Britons, the data can certainly be expanded to a human scale in general. So, what did they find out about our feelings and beliefs about the supernatural?

  • Slightly over 30% of the people polled actually admitted that they had been frightened in the middle of the night in their own homes by something they believed was of supernatural origin. Because of being so spooked, 20%, clearly one fifth of people, called someone they knew in the middle of the night to seek comfort.
  • A whopping 17% of people stated that they had actually seen a ghostly apparition while another 12%, one of every eight, abandoned their homes because they believed they were haunted. Towergate revealed that such supernatural happenings will greatly affect how people view a particular piece of property when considering buying.
  • Again, another one out of every eight people will wander around a home they are considering buying but have left because they had uneasy feelings about the place. An incredible amount of people said they would definitely avoid certain areas and places.
  • For instance, over 60% of the people Towergate talked with said they would never buy a house next to a cemetery or a funeral home. That same over 60% said they would avoid buying a house that sat next to, or near, a haunted and spooky looking church of any kind.
  • Some, however, said they would consider buying a home that looked haunted or was previously reported as haunted. However, they would expect the real estate agent and the sellers to come at them with a huge discount to buy it. About 30% said they would consider 20% off the original selling price as reasonable while another 45%, nearly half, said that no discount of any kind would ever convince them to move into a place that had been deemed haunted.
  • Almost half of the people, 49%, said they had experienced creepy happenings in their homes. Almost 20% said they saw objects move by themselves, had heard strange voices, and would feel sudden chills from time to time.