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The lawsuits keep flying as Tennessee man is determined to marry his laptop



Just when you might consider that you have heard it all, well, you haven’t. A former lawyer from Tennessee, Mark Sevier, seems bound and determined to marry his laptop even if he has to sue all the way to the Supreme Court. It all began back in 2014 when Sevier launched a motion in a Florida court arguing that if people could marry people of the same sex, then he, by logical reasoning, should be allowed by the government to marry the love of his life. The love of his life, it seems, is his Apple laptop that is bursting at the proverbial seems with his favorite pornography.

Sevier is a self styled devout Christian who claims to be a producer of electronic dance music. The Florida court, of course, denied his motion and threw it out. Not one to be deterred, he headed to Texas and began his crusade once again. Sevier’s argument in Texas is that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees him some manner of right to marry his laptop.

The Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton was hardly amused when he stated that, “The right to marry one’s computer is not an interest, objectively, deeply rooted in the nation’ history and traditions.”

This has been another in a never ending battle line that Sevier has drawn against same sex marriage which he firmly stands against. He believes that the “Constitution is being hijacked” by the gay and LGBT communities. There was a brief time, it seems, when Sevier has not been so enthralled with his laptop lover. In 2013 he slapped Apple with a lawsuit claiming that he was an intentional victim of Apple and their laptop product because Apple didn’t warn him of the damages of pornography.

His complaint against Apple was 50 pages long and he told the sad tale of walking into an Apple store and buying the laptop. When he got home, he claims, he made a spelling error looking for Facebook and ended up at a site called Fuckbook. From there, he claims, he became addicted to pornography. Prior to buying the Apple laptop, he claimed, he had never seen any pornography at all. He says his exposure and addiction to pornography was the reason his wife divorced him and that it was all Apple’s fault.

Servier took to the road again, this time in Utah, who he is suing now, because a court clerk said she could not issue a license to someone who wanted to marry anything other than another human. He was quoted in The Houston Press as being against same sex marriage and that he believed the government should not encourage people to choose that lifestyle.

He also said that he really would go through with marrying his laptop if some government gave him permission saying that, “Those of us… who prefer sex with inanimate objects and animals do not have public support, like the gays, so we are especially vulnerable here.”

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