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Obama’s gun executive actions: Trump “will unsign… so fast”

Republican Party frontrunner Donald J. Trump told supporters at a campaign rally in Biloxi, Mississippi on Saturday that he will veto President Obama’s executive actions on guns if elected to the White House.
“The Second Amendment, it’s so great to me,” Trump said.

Trump said to loud cheers that there is an “assault” on the Second Amendment as Obama considers executive action on gun control.

“I will veto that. I will unsign that so fast,” Trump said.

On Friday in his weekly address, Obama said he’ll be meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch “to discuss options” for actions to take in an attempt to reduce gun deaths in the nation.

This announcement follows reports that Obama would issue executive actions on stricter gun control after his return from vacation in Hawaii.

Those changes reportedly include classifying more gun sellers in high-volume dealers and stricter rules for reporting any lost or stolen firearms.

The new year marked the implementation of looser open-carry laws in the state of Texas, as well as a “gun restraining order” law in California which allows family or police to report possible dangers and have a judge rule to have someone’s guns and ammunition confiscated for 21 days.