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BIZARRE TRUE TALES: Episode One – The lost man from a place called Taured


BY KEVIN SAWYER – Welcome to a new HipDaily series called Bizarre True Tales. Each week we will amaze you with true stories from regular people about them traveling in time and to parallel universes. These are sworn to be true stories to those who went through the creepy and bizarre nature of them but we will ultimately leave it up to you to decide.

Our series’ first entry is a strange tale about a businessman who ends up in postwar Japan and claims he comes from a country no one has ever heard of…

For those who have studied the phenomenon of time travel, this tale is one of the most legendary stories of all time. It was a day like any other back in 1954 when a businessman, dressed in standard business attire, arrived at the international airport in Tokyo. Back then, security was nothing like it is today. All one had to do was present one’s passport, have it stamped, and one was on one’s way.

That day, however, a very tall white man presented his passport to the Japanese customs agents. It looked real enough and he was carrying money that had been issued by various European countries. The officials, however, couldn’t allow him to proceed because his passport was issued from a country called Taured. When the Japanese officers asked him to point to the country on their map of the world, the man replied that he would be glad to in fluent Japanese.

When he looked for his country, which he said lied between Spain and France, all he seemed to locate was the tiny principality of Andorra. The man told the Japanese officers that there must be some mistake. He had never heard of this place called Andorra. He said his country was over one thousand years old. There must be some mistake here.

The mysterious figure produced for the Japanese his driver’s license issued by the country of Taured as well as his official looking business documents and even his bank account was considered legitimate. The man, as well as the Japanese officers, seemed at a loss as to what to do. He was in the interrogation room for eight hours trying to tell them that he was on a business trip and that he had been coming to Japan on business for the last five years. Even his passport had all of the proper Japanese stamps on it for the past five years.

The customs officials called the company he worked but but it did not seem to exist. Finally, he was escorted by police to a hotel room in the city while the customs agents sent his case on to a higher authority. The police left guards at the hotel room. The room was on something like the tenth floor of the hotel, high up above the streets of post World War 2 Tokyo.

The guards, when approached by senior police officials in the morning, reported that they had not heard or seen from the man all night long. They said he had made no noise at all. When the door was opened, the man from Taured was gone. They only way out was through the front door of the room. Nothing was out of place and, it seemed to the police, that he had simply vanished.

No one has ever reasonably explained what happened to the man from Taured.

NEXT WEEKS EPISODE is about a man who stumbled into a parallel universe where The Beatles were still together. Not only is his story incredible but he actually brought back proof with him when he returned to where we are right now…