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Sanders picks up another superdelegate

Although Hillary Clinton has already been crowned the presumptive Democratic nominee in the 2016 presidential race, Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders picked up another superdelegate this weekend.

Jean Lemire Dahlman, a Montana Democratic National Committeewoman, has announced her plans to support Sanders as a superdelegate at the Democratic National Convention this summer in Philadelphia. The news was confirmed by both the Sanders campaign and the Montana Democratic Party.

Dahlman had apparently been waiting for Montana’s June 7 primary to make a decision. Sanders defeated Clinton 51 percent to 44 percent in the primary.

The other 5 Montana superdelegates have so far opted to stay neutral.

Dahlman’s support won’t make a huge difference at this point, with Clinton having arrived at the required number of delegates for the nomination thanks to her win in California.

Bernie Sanders has opted to remain in the race despite many calls for him to drop out and support Clinton, arguing that he will continue to push his liberal platform up to the national convention. More delegates and more superdelegates from now on will help his hand at convention, he argues.

“What we have got to determine between now and the Democratic convention, and by the way Chuck, we’re going to have well over 1,900 delegates at that convention, is what kind of platform and what kind of agenda there will be if Secretary Clinton gets elected, if she wins the election,” Sanders said during an interview with Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd on Sunday.