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Ricky Martin publishes op-ed against Trump

Ricky Martin is calling on all Hispanics to unite against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump who has garnered controversy regarding his comments on Mexican immigrants among other things.

“From the beginning, [Trump’s] intent has been clear: To basically tell lies and offend us to stay in the public spotlight,” writes the singer in an op-ed on published Wednesday night.

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was removed from a Trump news conference on Tuesday after attempting to ask a question without being called on. Martin referred to Ramos as one of the “most admired and respected journalists in Hispanic media,” and said the incident “went too far.”

“If we have been united for some things, we must be united for all,” Martin writes, saying Hispanics need to prove that they “must be respected.”
“Xenophobia is the lowest form of political strategy. It is something we all need to fight together, not only for us, but also for the evolution of all humanity and those who will come after us.”