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#BabiesforBernie emerges for Bernie Sanders

Even babies are feeling the Bern from Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont.

The #BabiesforBernie hashtag is featuring parents dressing up their babies like the 73-year-old whose wild hair has been the butt of many jokes.

“All parents want a better future for our children,” the phenomenon’s official website says. “Bernie Sanders is going to get us there!”

The official Babies for Bernie website links to an official store that sells adult T-shirts for $24 each and baby tees and onesies are $20 each. All merchandise features a baby rocking Sanders’ glasses and crazy white hair.

Bernie Sanders has had a meteoric rise and has begun to seem to be a threat to Hillary Clinton’s once imminent success as the Democratic nominee. He has particularly appealed to the youth and via social media with his self-proclaimed socialist views including free 4-year public university.