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6-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand Raises $10,000 for Dad’s Cancer Treatment

Photo Courtesy of HLN TV

Photo Courtesy of HLN TV

When Randy Cox, a father of three from Gladewater, Texas was diagnosed with Seminoma cancer three months ago, his 6-year-old son, Drew, knew he had to help in any way he could. “He is so important to me, we love to play with each other,” the boy told KLTV.

And help he did. On Saturday, Drew opened his lemonade stand for business on Walnut St. The boy charged 25 cents a cup. By the end of the day, the family counted out his earnings – a staggering $10,000 for his dad’s medical bills.

“It’s the best place in town to get lemonade,” one patron told KLTV. Indeed, cars were lined up down the block to visit.

Drew wasn’t surprised by the incredible turnout. “I was thinking that everybody would come,” he said. The Cox family expressed their endless gratitude to all that donated on KLTV.

The young entrepreneur follows in the footsteps of Alex Scott, who also sold lemonade to raise money for medical research, when she was just 4-years-old. Scott was diagnosed with neuroblastoma before her first birthday, and intended on giving the proceeds from her sales to doctors who might help find a cure for cancer. Sadly, she passed away in 2004 but her parents have carried on her legacy, raising over $50 million toward finding a cure for cancer.

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