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Want to be the greatest employee ever? Here’s how…



BY KEVIN SAWYER – Unless they are completely asleep most of the time, most people really have a gut feeling for how they are doing, and how they are perceived by their bosses, at work. Business, itself, is pretty simple for the average employee. You are there to make money for the ownership of the company. That’s really all there is to it.

You’re not there to have meditation classes or to play ping pong or to have an unlimited buffet to constantly eat from. It’s all about making money for the owners. The reality of it actually comes as a shock to many but it is a decent enough trade. You give them what they want and you just may get whatever it is you want. No one owes you anything. You have to seize it.

There are those, however, in every company, that simply seem to excel; who seem to always make it look easy. They are the superstars and, believe it or not, it takes a tremendous amount of effort, and a few proven strategies, to pull off superstar status. Here are a few things the superstars do that you can easily adapt to your current employment situation:

  • The superstars don’t stand around and waste time. If they are at work, they work. They have a true handle on what they do and what needs to be done and they just do it. Taking the initiative, even if it doesn’t turn out spectacularly, will go along way toward making your boss smile. Also, the superstars are always willing to learn new things. They never say “that’s not my responsibility”. They are truly interested in what the company does and seek to learn every aspect of it.
  •  They are definitely boundary setters. They don’t complain of being sleep deprived or overworked. They don’t whine about working conditions or the fact that they just had a huge fight with their significant other. They simply adjust their lifestyle to accommodate what they need to do. They exercise, eat right, and get the sleep they need to be fully alert and on point every day.
  • They foster win-win situations and they are not afraid to fail at something. They look at a failure as one more step toward a victory. They see it as a chance for personal and professional growth. They are also not polarized like so much of American society is these days. In society today, no one understand the middle ground. It’s their way or no way. You see it everywhere. The superstars don’t get caught up in polarization. They find solutions rather than finding problems and assigning blame. They find ways that solves a problem yet everyone involved actually benefits from the solution.
  • They are confident yet humble. They are always there to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. They have positive attitudes. Not false personas or the fake smiles and ditsy attitudes of the truly clueless. A positive attitude in that they are not seeing a problem; they are seeing an opportunity. They avoid whining about the boss and they never, ever, get involved in company gossip or politics. In these ways, the superstar earns the trust and the respect of everyone around them.