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‘Wage Gap Discount’ for Women


photo source: parterwithsheena

M’lady’s Records in Portland, Oregon, is protesting the gender wage gap by offering female customers a 23% discount on mail orders. In a Facebook post, the company stated,

“ALL MAILORDER placed by women living in America will be 77% of the listed price, to reflect the current gap in wage equality in this messed-up work camp we call the USA. 23% will be refunded same-day upon purchase. EQUAL RIGHTS IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS”

Since then, the company has been bombarded by both “hate mail from insane dudes and righteous support emails from women and men that believe that fair play is not a bad governing principle in society,” according to the company’s co-owner Brett Lawrence.

The 23% discount represents the 23% wage gap between the earnings of women and men, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012.