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Trump, Sanders take New Hampshire Primary

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won the Republican and Democratic primaries for New Hampshire tonight. They were declared the winners at 8 p.m., with neither win being a surprise.

Trump’s win left Republicans questioning if any “establishment” candidate could take on the two outsiders who have won so far – Donald Trump and Ted Cruz who won Iowa.

“It was right across the board, with men, with women, with young, with old, you know, everything,” Trump said after his victory speech in an interview on CNN. “To win every single category was perhaps the greatest honor of all.”

The GOP race is now headed to South Carolina, where Trump and Cruz are once again the favorites to win on February 20.

Bernie Sanders’s win raises doubts about Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which had at one point seemed like the only answer.

In 2008 Clinton won the New Hampshire primary in a massive comeback against Barack Obama, but she failed to repeat today.