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These are the three people you really need to have in your life


BY KEVIN SAWYER – As people come and go in your life, it is easy to lose perspective with regard to how you need to attract positive energy into your life. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to know who you really need in your life to make it stronger, happier and allow you to grow spiritually to your fullest potential. There are, however, three people you really need to find and to bring in to your life. They are essential to your well being and when they enter your life, be sure and welcome them in.

Your Soul Mate

There are those among us who believe there really is no such thing as a soul mate. They refuse to believe that there is someone out there with whom you just click on every level. Some times, this view comes to them because there is no one directly in front of them or they don’t see anyone just walking into their life. Is a soul mate out at the online dating sites? Maybe. Are they in another city? Another country? Maybe. When you find them, there is that immediate and long term comfort level. If there is a fight, when it is resolved, you find that the fight didn’t tear you apart or cause an underlying mistrust. The fight, you find, actually made your relationship stronger. That’s when you really know you may have found your soul mate.

When you first encounter them, you feel like you have known them forever; as if from lifetimes before. That is often so and you have found one another in order to continue on your spiritual growth together. The thing about your soul mate is, despite popular beliefs and brainwashing, your soul mate isn’t necessarily your life partner, or spouse. They may even be the same gender and there may not even be a romantic side to the relationship. They could even be your mother or sibling. They are there. Just stay open to seeing them.

Your Mirror Mate

Your Mirror may be even more important to you that your soul mate. That is a person who enters your life and will always tell you like it is. They don’t care about hurting your feelings or bruising your precious self esteem. It is for the very reason that they care for your feelings that they are of the most worth to you. Do you already have plenty of people in your life that lie to you because they say they want to spare your feelings? These are the people who. for the most part, are totally useless to you. They are truly the ones who care nothing for you because if they did, they would tell you the truth of things. Your Mirror is a true friend who will give you the metaphorical slap when you need one. When you are sliding or having an integrity challenge, it will be your valued Mirror who will set you right again. You may argue a lot, but you both know, deep down, what is really going on.

Your Mentor Mate

Your Mentor will likely be some one older and wiser than you though not always. They may look like your age sometimes but they are much older than you in soul age. They have been here many more times than you have. They are in your life to provide unerring guidance and help. They will never ask anything from you in return except to go out an apply the lessons you learn. Again, like all of the others, they may not appear in the form you think they will appear in. They instinctively know where you are on your life journey and will give the tools you need to succeed.

They are all there, you just must remain open to seeing them. Once you have seen them come into your life, recognize them and value them for what they bring to you. Next time you decide not to make eye contact with some one or just decide to ignore the passersby, just think that one of these crucial people may have just walked into your life and you refused to see them.