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Sanders closes gap in NY

Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders has cut the gap between himself and frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the state of New York according a poll released today by Emerson College.

Clinton, former senator from New York and former Secretary of State, leads among Democratic primary voters 56% to Bernie’s 38% now. The same poll was conducted in March, with Sanders trailing Clinton by 48 points.

Sanders has maintained his strong base of support among young voters, with 60% of the 18-34 support versus Clinton’s 36. Meanwhile, Clinton appeals to minority groups better, with 72% support from African-Americans and 68% among Hispanics. Her opponent holds a mere 28% and 32% respectively.

The poll precedes the highly anticipated New York April 19 primary. Clinton’s home state is a key state for both campaigns with 95 delegates at stake.

At the moment Clinton has 1,280 pledged delegates to the Vermont senator’s 1,030 according to The Associated Press.

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