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Man documents third-wheeling on Instagram

Peter Alden, a 29-year old in New York City, told Buzzfeed, “I am 29 years old, single, and living in NYC. Help!”

After setting up his brother, Ben Alden, and his best friend, Marissa Evans, Peter made himself a third-wheel to the relationship.

Peter began his Instagram account, @imnotathirdwheel, gaining over 60,000 followers. He documents his journey as a third-wheel much like many couples document their journey as lovers.

Before Ben and Marissa were dating, Ben shared a home with Peter. When the relationship began, Peter moved out. Peter chronicles the pain of being single in his picture series, but in a less lonely way.

After all, he shows being content hanging with the couple and following their adventures.

We all had so much #fun at the #cidermill! #threesome #tripod #love my #brother. #bestfriends #threesacharm

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The couple was recently engaged and Peter hopes to be best man.

For now, Peter remains single, but perhaps, Peter will one day even have his own third wheel.