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Ghoulish clown wandering the streets of Green Bay in dead of night


BY KEVIN SAWYER – It has become a familiar and frightening sight around the legendary sports town of Green Bay, Wisconsin. In the dead of night, around 2 AM or so, this creepy and frightening visage of a clown carrying black balloons can be seen walking the downtown Green Bay streets.


The eerie apparition was first spotted about one week ago and has been making a nightly appearance ever since. Some citizens have been speculating that someone might be making some manner of low budget, home made horror movie. The only thing is, no one has seen a camera crew or any other people around when the clown is out for his ominous nightly stroll.


His face is menacing and he is wearing a raged and old type of jumpsuit and he is carrying a bouquet of black balloons. The Green Bay police have done nothing about him because, they say, he isn’t breaking any laws. The police state that a person can walk down any street they want to as long as they are not in a place where it is illegal to be. As long as they are not in a place that has an official time of closing like and amusement park or library.


Others have speculated that it is part of a marketing or publicity stunt but no one has come forward to claim that it is. The clown, of course, in this day in age, even has his own Facebook page. It mysteriously appeared just hours after his first appearance on the streets of Green Bay.

Whoever put up the Facebook page has dubbed him “Gags”. So far, the page has garnered 26,858 “likes”.