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Eat24 to give free taco when Trump says “Mexico”

Donald Trump has garnered quite a bit of controversy with his thoughts on immigration and Mexico.

With tonight being the first Republican candidate debate, Eat24 has decided to kick it off by tweeting a $5.00 off promotional code every time Donald Trump says “Mexico”, which will cover the price of any one taco or other low-priced food.

Eat24 said on their site:

Why are we doing this? Because even though Donald Trump (#HolaDonald) and Eat24 don’t have much in common besides a love of whacky toupees (is it a toupee, right?), we want to fully support your constitutional right to have pulled pork nachos and a Diet Coke delivered to your couch while you watch his face change from one shade of pink to another/contemplate his policy ideas.

The Republican debate tonight on Fox features the top ten (out of seventeen) candidates debating it out.