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Big Al Suit up!: NPH rolls with the Tide

September 15th, Neil Patrick Harris premiered a new variety show called “Best Time Ever”.

He did a lot of crazy segments.

He was at the University of Alabama vs. Wisconsin season opener this year (Dallas) dressed as none other than Big Al. He even strolled along the sidelines.

He surprised a couple later on his show.

Tuscaloosa couple Teresha and Oronde Hamilton were NPH stalked during a segment called “Best Days of Your Life”. He followed them to different places and appeared on camera without them knowing it.

Harris walked through his audience at the beginning of the segment and rattled off facts to a select few. He stopped at the Hamiltons, revealed he knew Oronde had his hair cut twice weekly and then invited them on stage for more.

They used a hearty “Roll Tide!” to let NPH know where they hailed from.

He surprised them with info about where they were staying in New York–the Plaza hotel.
(He had actually opened their car door and took their bags as soon as they arrived–and was completely in disguise.)

“Being from Tuscaloosa, you must be huge Alabama football fans?” Harris asked.

When they said “yes”, Harris asked if they had gone to the season opener.

Yes again. NPH told them he had gone to the game too.

In the next clip, you see Harris wearing a crimson Alabama polo before he says “Roll Tide” and it cuts to him wearing none other than the Big Al mascot suit (which also has a camera inside).

Harris then goes to the couple’s section in AT&T Stadium during the game to give them hugs and appear on the jumbotron with them during the kiss cam segment.

The host also revealed he actually attended the couple’s wedding in Tuscaloosa. He even photobombed several of their wedding photos and ate some of their wedding cake.