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Trump predicts facing Biden in the election

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump doesn’t think Hillary will be the Democratic nominee, but is very certain he’ll be the Republican one.

Trump said on Friday that he believes Biden will beat out Clinton once her campaign is unraveled by the controversy over her use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State, according to Breitbart.

“It just looks like Hillary is going to not be able to run,” he said. “It looks to me like that’s what’s going to happen.

“I hear this thing is big league,” Trump added of the email controversy.

“You know what she was doing. She was guarding from the president seeing what she was doing.”

On Tuesday, Clinton announced that she would be turning over her personal server and backup USB drive to the Justice Department investigators.

Trump argued that Clinton’s actions will make voters unlikely to trust her on issues of national security as she may have jeopardized critical intelligence by using a personal server.

“I’m just looking at it saying, ‘what the Hell was she thinking?’ ” Trump said of Clinton’s private email server usage. “Why did she do it?

Reports emerged on Friday that two “top secret” messages on Clinton’s device discussed America’s drone policies.