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Rihanna & Drake are dating again


Drake and Rihanna are back at the dating game once again, after years of speculation and fan-shipping. Their musical collaborations have been fueling the fire. They’ve apparently dated before, but it never worked.

E! News has learned that the two stars are dating again, and that the feelings never faded on Drake’s end. “He still loves her and never stopped. Rihanna is the one that’s been not wanting to settle down in the past,” the insider tells us. “They are having fun spending time with each other. Their music together got them close again.”

Drake has been so lovestruck that one Twitter user captured such a moment: “Shout out to the most beautiful, talented woman I’ve ever seen,” he told the crowd. “She goes by the name of Rihanna…I’m gettin’ my heart broken.”

The musical duo have spent a large amount of time together in London. On Wednesday morning, they were spotted leaving the Tape Nightclub during sunrise and then went to an afterparty following the concert that night.