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Leggings 101; Tennessee woman’s video goes viral

“I don’t care if you don’t like leggings, they are comfortable. . . they can even be classy depending on what you pair them with. . .”
the You Tuber starts off as she explains that she’s going on a leggings run.

“Some of you people like to use leggings as britches. . .” Jamie Higdon Randolph says in a thick Tennessee accent and her video got 12 million views.

“If they’re so tight that I can see you got a tattoo on your legs. . . those are called pantyhose, honey.”

Apparently, you’ve got to conceal your parts. “Make sure your tail is covered.”

She gave a list of things that she thought were cute with leggings and would make them classy. She qualified that she was a “big girl” and that she didn’t think it mattered what one wore with them, if they made sure to use discretion in dress.

White leggin’s are a big no-no as “You can see all kinds of stuff through them”.

“Nobody wants to see what kind of panties you’ve got on. . . that stuff’s left for the bedroom. It don’t need to be running around town. . .”