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50 Cent Doesn’t Have 50 Cents!

source: HipHopDX

The popular rapper, formally known as “Curtis Jackson” most notable for hits including “In Da Club”, “Candy Shop”, and “Just a Lil Bit” now has “Just a Lil Bit” of money. The former G-unit member previously had a net worth in excess of $150 million and has now filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Court documents reveal the rapper’s “debts are primarily consumer debts.” Jackson reported assets and liabilities ranging from $10-50 million.

This comes just three days after 50 cent was ordered to pay $5 million to Lastonia Leviston. The woman claimed the rapper acquired a sex tape of her and used it in a 13 minute video featuring his as a commentator taunting both her and Rich Ross, whom the woman has a daughter with.